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The process…..

Get a Quote

In order for us to be able to provide a quote we need the following information:

  • Description of the product (e.g flyer)
  • Size (e.g. A5) – See our sizing guide
  • Paper stock (e.g. 160gsm) – we are happy to recommend paperweights
  • Printed sides – single or double-sided
  • Quantity – we are happy to quote for multiple quantities
  • Any finishing options – eg creasing, rounded corners, laminating
  • State if you need graphic design services.

Place your Order

Confirming that you would like to go ahead with the order, agree on the price and production deadline.

Upload your artwork

The majority of artwork files can be sent via email to sales@advantageprintroom.co.uk.  However for very large or multiple files we recommend using WeTransfer, which is free to use for files up to 2GB

If you already have print ready artwork we would prefer this to be sent in PDF format.

If you need help with your artwork we also offer a Graphic Design service which can help you design it from scratch or add the finishing touches to something you have designed yourself. Alternatively, you could use canva.com

Once you have provided or approved print ready artwork we will go into production.

Please note: Any artwork errors discovered after approval to print has been given are the sole responsibility of the client and re-printing is chargeable at the agreed price.


Production Time

We work to a standard 2 day production time (from receipt of print ready artwork). We can print the same day, although this may incur an express charge, which we will agree with you in advance.


Collection and delivery

Completed orders can be collected any time between 9 am and 5 pm Monday to Friday. Collection outside these hours needs to be agreed in advance.

We offer free local delivery, for orders over £25, and can also post and courier orders anywhere in the world!


Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer or any major credit card, in person or over the phone. Commercial customers may be able to set up a credit account with 30 days payment terms. These terms will be offered at our discretion.



File Formats 

PDF is our preferred file format. You should be able to create a PDF from any Windows application by selecting PDF in the printer options. Check out the video below. 

Know your paper sizes 

Check out this chart guide it shows you all paper sizes. Note sizes A2 and above are known as large format.

Understand Paper Stocks 

We carry uncoated, silk and gloss paper stocks from 80gsm to 400gsm. 80gsm is standard office copier paper and 400gsm is used for business cards. Uncoated stock has a matt finish and appears whiter than gloss or silk paper. We also carry bond paper which is easier to write on and so is used for letterhead, compliment slips and workbooks. We also hold specialist textured stocks (e.g hammer and pearlized) which we mainly use for wedding and party stationery. 

Maximise the impact of your artwork

Why go single-sided when you can say twice as much on a double-sided print, at less than twice the price?

Ensure all images in your design are hi-res, the standard is 300dpi. Note images and logos saved from websites are most likely to be unsuitable to print. One easy way to check is to look at the image, at 100%, on a monitor. If it looks pixelated on screen it will print pixelated…

Ensure that text and logos aren’t too close to the edges as the artwork will be trimmed to size. If possible, please add bleed and cut marks to your artwork. The cut marks show where the image will be trimmed to and the bleed ensures that there are no unprinted edges on the finished document.

Colour Variance

Please note that some colour variance between orders is inevitable – colour particular prone to this are greys, oranges and solid prime colours. Also, colours viewed on screen may appear different when printed. We are happy to print a proof, for a minimal charge, if you would like to check the colours. Learn More 

Large Format

The stock for our large format is supplied on rolls and so the heaviest weight available is 200gsm. However, we can mount large format prints, on Foamex, if required.

Roller Banners 

These are a great way to take your message on the road. Top tips are that ‘less is more’ and let great images do the talking. See here for more ideas.


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